Film of the Week: Mary Poppins

Let's go Fly a kite/up to the highest height/let's go fly a kite/and send it soaring...
Mary Poppins
is one of the films from my childhood that I remember very clearly. So I was very excited to share the musical adventure of two rascally children and their proper nanny with my dear Lulu.
Watching Mary Poppins again was surprising. It has become one of my all-time favorite family films. I feel like it has such important messages for children and for parents. I could probably write a book about parenting based on the rules of the regal nanny, and the lessons that Jane, Michael, and their parents learn in their brief time with Mary Poppins. And better yet, it's a musical! With the dazzling music of the Sherman brothers (I could probably write a book about them, too) and real, show-stopping dance numbers.
The music is great, the effects hold up well, Julie Andrews is superb, and Dick Van Dyke speaks with a cockney accent. Mary Poppins is a fantastic film indeed. Lulu likes it at the age of 4, though she doesn't quite make it through. But that's the beauty of watching movies at home.


  1. brilliant! i'm dying to see the broadway stage version. practically perfect in every way :)

  2. oh, guess what? i just learned that mary poppins broadway on tour is coming to slc next year. i'm sooooo there !