Habits of a Writer's Mind

Taken from notes at a lecture on creative writing, circa 2002.

+Habits of a writer's mind+

1. reading voraciously and widely--it becomes the text in your head "that's what you'll write." read a lot.

2. Observing the world--the "antennae of the race;"
                                                                                  "imaginary gardens with real toads."

3. Keep a good notebook--record everything
                       "In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts."

4. Write regularly. try a writing schedule--discipline
                       "Something almost always comes. And if it doesn't, I just lower my standard and write


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 9 to go

While we are back in the 90s, let's stay awhile and warm up with . . . TLC.
I actually remember this one. It used to get stuck in my head at random times of the year. Fun times.


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 10 to go

Christmas commercials. There have to a lot of classic ones, but for some reason all I could think about were the ones from Gap and Old Navy. Particularly this one from back in the day.
What are/were your favorite Christmas commercials?


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 11 to go

It has to be done, but not without apologies. I'm sorry. But you know it has to be here.
Rob Lowe. Christmas Shoes. Rob Lowe? That's right. He was in a movie based on the infamous song. It may be the longest video in the countdown. I will say nothing much happens, which is even more reason that if you watch the whole thing, I might just send you a candy bar.
To take me up on the offer, leave a comment below with your favorite part of the video.
And answer me this: why do you love/hate Christmas shoes?


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 12 days to go

This number should do the job nicely.


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 13 to go

A friend of ours shares this video every year the day after Thanksgiving. Somehow I forget about it every year. How is that? It's so--epic. It's so--full of key changes. It's so--Jess and Ash.
Parum pa pum puuuuhm.


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 14 days to go

This isn't the most exciting video, but it's fun to watch the Beach Boys run around on the ice to this classic song.


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 15 to go

"The Muppet Christmas Carol" is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Gonzo's true narration and the music make it a wonderful version of the classic tale. And of course Michael Caine is magnificent as Scrooge. God Bless us, everyone.


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 16 to go

A lovely version of a lovely song in a lovely song. Stunning. More information about the track and the couple behind the song at Hue and Hum.


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 17 to go

This gem from an old Andy Williams Christmas special is brought to you by the color combo Mustard Yellow and Grandma's Couch Orange, which are both colors I kind of love so we're cool. I especially like the guy in the back who keeps peeking out  from behind Mr. Williams during "Sleigh Bells."

Bonus track: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 18 to go

I was kind of tired of this song--until I watched the video. I love how Paul McCartney just appears. And the lazer star/keyboards.


Christmas Music Video Countdown: 19 days to go

David Bowie. Bing Crosby. Here the twain meet. The small talk. The near matching blue blazer/sweater. The harmonies. This is probably the only version of this song I still like.

Of course there's also this:


20 Days Until Christmas: A Music Video Countdown.

We are doing all kinds of countdowns at our house this year. The ornament advent. Chocolate advents. The candy cane advent. a scripture-a-day advent the kids brought home from Church. I decided to add another countdown to the mix. Every day until Christmas, I will share a fun/strange/delightful Christmas musical video.
Today's installment: this delightful rendition of a classic. I saw this on Jimmy Fallon last night (so really, on December 5) and so it just has to start the countdown.