We had travel plans and craziness the weekend of New Year's, so I've given myself extra time on setting resolutions. Even though I'm late this year, I love resolutions. I love the feeling I get every new year--like it really is something new and blank that I can shape and make what I want it to be.
Here are some of my creative resolutions for 2012.

1. Work on my penmanship. It seems lackluster lately. I want to like my handwriting again. Something I admire about my mom is her beautiful cursive. My cursive? All but gone. I would also like to take another stab at calligraphy.

2. Learn about things I've wanted to learn more about but haven't yet learned more about. I know a bit, but I would love to be able to drive around neighborhoods and know when they were built based on their architecture.

3. Bake more. I love baking. I need to do the things I love more often. Especially when they're delicious things.

4. Make 12 little films. I'm pretty rusty. This one will be fun.

5. Make things with the children. We have a lot of random supplies. This year I want to use them.

6. Read great books. A great book makes me write better.

7. Be more artistic. Draw more. Craft. Paint. Sew. Make something Fantastic out of paper.

8. Be the grownup I want to be. Err on the side of generosity. Leave something better than I find it. Give more. Relax and enjoy things more. Be funny and spontaneous.

9. Take more photographs. I've lost a bit of traction, but hope to regain motivation on this project. I also want to take more/better pictures of the children.

10. Experiment more. In any way. Once a week would be ideal. I've been inspired by this blog.

11. Make my home the home I dream about. That's a nice way of saying declutter, cook dinner, do family scripture study and prayer, and make more pillows. I always want more pillows.

12. Cultivate my collections. Gather. Edit. Photograph. Draw. Get inspired by them.

I also like this list of creative resolutions from Anthology magazine blog. Do you have any creative resolutions this year?

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