reminiscing: advice from a professor

i recently came across these notes i took on the first day of one of the prerequisite classes for the film program in college. it still seems applicable in many ways, and i thought it would be fun to share it here.

1. be a part of your education. ask questions.
2. become known on campus (in the department)--my duty.
i am a professional student, teachers are my clients. always serve the client.
3. it may never be too late.
4. never accept a poor grade--ask for a chance to redo (one on one)
5. be professional in approach--be polite
6. if you're not prepared, don't show up--be responsible
7. pick 3 buddies
8. type everything--as perfectly as possible
9. keep a copy of everything you turn in (even if you have to photocopy). always have a backup.
10. assume everything can be rewritten or redone (2 weeks for this class)
11. be gracious
12. read your syllabus--assume it could slide--always come to class
13. contact professor before absence
14. be responsible for missed time--call a buddy
15. never miss a final
16. don't visit during lectures--we're paying for it!
17. stay until the end--participation
18. don't burn bridges
19. do assignments on the day assigned--always ahead--especially print papers--plan ahead
20. challenge: no homework on sundays--however, earn those 24 hours off
21. don't let problems slide--get counseling (it's free and confidential)
22. most four-year degrees take five years--do you want your degree or an education? (*leave a major class--a GE--to that last semester so you have to stay)
23. challenge the system--some rules don't apply to everyone--work with the teacher
24. back doors open--volunteer time--come in running
25. be malleable and able to negotiate
26. take notes as if you'll teach this class
i especially like 11, 18, 20, & 26. what advice did you receive in school that you still remember today?