Late-Winter/Early Spring Makes

My list of makes for late-winter/early spring:

*rhubarb fool, rhubarb compote, + something new with rhubarb (maybe roasted over tapioca or rice pudding...)
*oven-roasted asparagus

*homemade marshmallows (I'll probably have to make the French hot chocolate too, then)
*fleece hat with ears for baby girl
*shift dress for baby girl
*gnome art with lulu

*fabric pom poms for baby girl's nursery
*freezer paper stenciled tees/onesies for all three children

What's on your to-do list for these next couple unpredictable months?


  1. now that H's 18th is over and done, i've moved on to planning a mad hatter tea party for gaby's 9th. i've got until friday to get invitations out for the party on march 6. perhaps i'll look into the homemade marshmallows to go with tea cups of hot chocolate.

  2. thanks for hooking me up with the vintage clip art! i absolultely love the pink tea cup and we toyed with idea of using it for the invites, but craig determined it would take too much ink to print. thanks, thanks, thanks, for sharing. what a great site.

    check out the tea party when you get a minute. i was inspired by the fabric pompons here and was thrilled to find ready-made tissue poms, courtesy of martha stewart.