a day of pretty things

We have some good friends who moved to Ballard about a year ago, and this last weekend I was able to escape for a day and have a girls day out.
We had book club in the morning at her lovely apartment, and enjoyed a late breakfast of multigrain waffles with blueberries, peaches, cream, homemade blackberry jam as toppings. We were set washing it down with some Simply Orange juice.
When the crowd dispersed, my friend and I set off to check out a fabric store I've been wanting to visit for months. I may have found the perfect fabric for baby girl's quilt.

My mother-in-law, an amazing seamstress, has planned to make a quilt for each of her grandchildren, and has been gracious enough to let me choose the fabric. Her quilts are darling and beloved and make great centerpieces in our nursery. I love everything about them. I would not have guessed a fish print would be a favorite option, but these lovelies are so charming I can't resist. Heather Ross's designs have that affect on me.

Next, both being pregnant, we were ready to find a place for lunch. We decided to try a new cafe near her apartment. Thinking alike again, we both ordered the turkey panini with lettuce, tomato, and tomato pesto. We enjoyed the Peruvian influences throughout, from the plantain chips that came with our sandwiches to the big screen tv playing a football match.
On we went to explore more shops in the streets of Ballard. I definitely found some new fun shops that I will want to go back to.

Anni's Art & Frame. full of fun posters and gifts, I would have been lured in by the window display alone. Babar posters, Alphabeasties book and flashcards on display (they would be so cute in a nursery), DCi gifts, Seattle neighborhood map poster, and national park travel posters/postcards were highlights.
Cookies. small in square footage, large in selection. I picked up a couple of cookie cutters. Don't tell the kids--they're each getting one in their easter basket: a butterfly for Lulu, a dragonfly for G.
Mon Petit Shoe. A fun kids boutique and shoe store. I found something made from fabric I love--why can't I just find the fabric?

Cupcake Royale. I had to give the vanilla lavender a try. My cupcake aficionado friend recommends the chocolate lavender, but they didn't have it. The cake reminded me of angel food in its lightness, and worked well with the lightly-perfumed lavender buttercream. Next time I will return to my roots and try the Triple Threat (chocolate chocolate chocolate).
Space Oddity. We had to stop in this thrift store. The owner has a great eye for all things mid-century modern/scandinavian/cool.

Clover. This was a really great specialty toy store. My friend has wanted to go in for a while, and we were so glad we did. I was reminded of my love for all things Tea Collection, Plan, and Haba. They had great books and toys and dress ups and puzzles. I think looking at specialty toy shops like this bring back fond memories of my childhood--we always stopped in stores like this. I also found some satiation for my new love of red toadstools and woodland themed things and fun dresses for little girls and beautiful knits for boys.
A couple home/gift stores also on Ballard. I love paper goods, and both stores had a lot to look at. I was especially fond of the second store, and had a hard time getting past the glittered vintage postcards/stationery decorations in the front of the store. I might have to recreate something like them for Lulu this year, thanks to the art at this site.
We raced back to my friend's apartment to meet up with our other halves, and ended up staying together and sharing some Indian food from another great restaurant within walking distance of their place. India Bistro. Mmm. It was just what we needed.
A day of great company, delicious food, and pretty things. What more could a girl ask for?

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  1. thanks for sharing this day. i let myself get whisked away into your seattle world and i have to say, it was very satisfying :)