nesting: baby girl's room color inspiration

designing the kids' rooms is both exciting and intimidating. i have had a lot of fun the past few days combing through the images i've collected of rooms and colors and objects i love, and now comes the work-part--making decisions and creating the spaces. one things that helps me out: i tend to come back to the same colors and styles over and over, and when i see them in one place, i can see exactly what i want to try. here are some of the inspiring spaces for baby girl's room:

white, yellow, red, pink, and light blue--the colors i come back to a lot recently. not quite primary, not quite pastel.

love the white furniture on the blue wall--it feels very clean. red, yellow, and lime bits add some warmth without feeling like a circus.

i love the simplicity and light of this space, as well as the white space.

here they are again, though it's a dark pink instead of red, and more green than the others. it doesn't hurt a bit to see two eames pieces in the same space, either.

How do you design your spaces? How do you choose colors? Do you have any rooms in the works?


  1. It's easy for me to design rooms because so far, I haven't really had to follow through with any plans... haha. I've always got some sort of plan in the works. But I think my taste is either still evolving or hopelessly eclectic. And I am indecisive, of course. Sometimes I get a specific thing in my mind that I want to design around. Like one time it was a forest green vintage typewriter - no joke. I wanted one bad.

  2. love the style. everything will look fabulous! have fun in new york.

  3. what would it be like to start with a blank canvas?! the previous owner of our home is a shabby chic designer. check out her business at laylagrayce.com and laylagrayceblog.com

    it has been a challenge to marry our furnishings with this style, but i liked the style enough that i didn't want to replace the chandeliers or toile window coverings. plus, the tile backsplash and tiled bathroom shout shabby chic. we did end up adding color to the walls, but already i'm ready for a living room redo. i'm looking for a patterned wallpaper to cover one wall to drive the design. it will probably be a summer project.