these people make me want to sew

I sewed a windsock when I was in seventh grade. My nimble friend helped me make a pair of pants when I was 16 (I think I wore them once). This has been the extent of my sewing experience.
Last year I fell in love with this fabric and decided to make a duvet cover for lulu. I had help from another very talented seamstress friend and felt pretty good about how it came out. I love the beautiful quilts my mother-in-law makes for each grandchild and will treasure the blankets brad's grandma made when lulu was born--especially the crocheted blessing blanket. My husband hand sewed new covers for some couch pillows, and really, I can sew on a button. Surrounded by all these--and more--talented sewing friends, I didn't ever feel the need or inclination to learn to sew myself.
Until I saw these.
The images below have inspired me to learn to sew. It does help to have a little Lulu around who loves pretty things as much as I do, but I think sewing is also just one of those things that comes with a domestic kind of life. I guess it was bound to hit me sooner or later.
I will be unleashing my sewing ambitions on the world--for better or worse. I'm hoping to work through my feelings of "me versus the sewing machine" & "me versus loading the bobbin" & "me vs fabric in general." haha.

images via purlbee.

images via inchmark.

images via katiedid.

image via howaboutorange.

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  1. these people make me wish i had unlimited funds to pay them to sew for me ;) i'm afraid i didn't survive jr. high sewing class unscathed.