Things are gonna Change, I can feel it, Or: Resolutions

My friend Aubrey has done it again. Each new year she chooses a word to focus on. I have loved this idea for a couple years now, but didn't quite feel inspired to do it myself. A few months ago I started thinking about it--what word would I choose? I thought about the things that are happening this year, and the things I want to make happen this year. I realized I keep setting the same goals over and over. It's not exactly that I'm failing--just not following through. It takes patience and consistency to make good things happen. The more I thought about it, the more I felt certain that I should choose a word for this year.

Cultivate. To me it means:
+take care
+take time
+be patient
+enjoy the process
+keep the end in mind

I have many specific goals for this year, and all of them, whether mental, spiritual, physical, or financial--come back to this word. Last year was a time to cultivate my vision, to hone it and refine it and figure out what little habits my vision would require. This year is the time to make the vision a reality, to make the vision real.
What are your goals/resolutions/visions for 2013?