Film of the Week: The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge)

Keeping with our March theme of flights of fancy, our next film flies in from France. It is the classic beauty The Red Balloon.

The Red Balloon follows the friendship that develops between a young boy and a magical red balloon. Little is said, and the film gives a glimpse into an old French neighborhood in the 1960s. Lulu enjoys this film as a 4-year-old, though she does find part of the ending a bit concerning. Overall, The Red Balloon has everything I love about French films--a quiet soundtrack, visual beauty, and a touch of whimsy.


  1. we just got this book from the library a while ago and my girlies loved it! (i loved it, too.)

  2. i loved this movie. as elementary school children, we watched it year after year in the auditorium. it was such a special treat because this was before the days of VCRs in every home. to see a movie anywhere besides the theater was a big deal. i haven't seen it since then, but would love to.