collections: ideas.

i am my mother's daughter, and really, my grandma's granddaughter for that matter. i have a blue file labeled "writer's prompts." for the past several years i've used it to collect ideas--articles about writing, interesting stories and anything that i find interesting. i am in the process of scaling down the file and going more digital, especially since i have found many of these articles or stories online. i will be sharing some of them on here, too.
we realized when we moved to this house, we decided to make the third bedroom a nursery/studio space. i also decided that i wanted to hang a bulletin board to use as an inspiration board. for months it has helped me stay on track with the color scheme i want for flora's side of the room. plus the pictures make me happy.

when we were visiting my family this summer, b pointed out that my mom has a similar bulletin board hanging over her desk in the kitchen. i knew this when i put up mine, and once again, chalked it up to being my mother's daughter.
how do you collect ideas and things that inspire you?


i heart hable.

i think you will too. unless you already do.



i would almost learn to knit because of this cute hat. via.


noel is on my mind.

homemade christmas ideas take more planning--and much more time.
i seem to be very keen on felt. this is just a handful of what i would like to do, especially since this will be our first christmas in our own place. we will miss family, but it will be nice not to travel.



collars are darling, especially on baby clothes.



i love sweets. and movies. and it's often wet outside, and i was pregnant this time last year, which greatly limited my activity (not that it should have, mind you). here is a collection of things that make me feel healthy, to inspire me to be more healthy. because i always feel better when i fill and cover myself with healthy things.

from top left:
eating lots of fresh fruits (& veggies); live plants; all natural beauty products, such as alba; new york city ballet workout; kashi cereal and granola bars, and other whole grain goodness; recipes from 101cookbooks.

and of course:
going to bed early.
drinking lots of water.
practicing yoga.
what makes you feel healthy?


newborn wish list.

i wish, i wish....i'm on a roll with wish lists lately, and the nursery is not lacking. i have been blessed with many beautiful and practical gifts with the arrival of each of my children. still, if money were no object and i could buy anything for my newborns that i wanted . . . yeah, here are a few things on that list.
netto bassinet. phil & ted stroller (so smart!) baby gym (love the wooden one from ikea). a great chair (like the tok by stokke). beautiful clothes from the tea collection. a mobile by flensted. eames elephant. swaddlers by aden and anais. wooden rattle from alouette.