to be published.

i just found out segullah wants to publish one of my poems in their spring 2011 issue. i'm surprised and excited. i submitted three poems on new year's eve 2009 for their annual contest, and heard nothing for months. i finally inquired about it, received a polite rejection letter, then had a baby and didn't submit the poems anywhere else. now i'm glad i didn't. this will be my first publication, and i feel honored. to find out more about segullah, click here. they also have a lovely blog. this is one of my favorites. and this.


  1. So many congrats for you. This is simply lovely news.

    (and i'm so honored to be a "this." what a lovely surprise.)

  2. cool! can't wait to read it when it comes out. also, loved "the vibe" post. i'll have to tell you some time about the dilemma i created for myself by bringing up "the vibe" at a book club discussion with some ladies in my ward....