i heart pie.

thanksgiving week is nearly upon us, and i'm looking forward to baking and cooking up a storm.
aren't these pies pretty? i might get daring. i might not.
what are you looking forward to making/eating this thanksgiving?

image (and techniques) via martha stewart.


  1. i was just thinking about a traditional food that i won't be eating this year since we'll be with the other side of the family. my mom always made a pomegranate salad. i miss it when i don't get to eat it. but my sister-in-law makes an amazing out-of-the-ordinary stuffing that i can't wait to have again. have fun baking/cooking up a storm. can't wait to hang out again!

  2. oh, those pies are gorgeous. i actually just got a text from a good friend wishing me a happy thanksgiving with a photo of SIX pies she just baked for tomorrow. i, on the other hand, am making one solitary pie for my husband since i'm not a fan of pie. or dessert.

    i'm looking forward to ALL the food and weekend-long grazing.