family home media.

here is another article from my files. this article was written by one of my film professors. i was lucky enough to take a class he taught on children's media. i try to think carefully about what kind of media my children are exposed to and how we use it in our home. film, music, the internet, books--they can all be such powerful tools for good. reading his advice periodically is a great way to remind myself of what i want our family to be doing with our free time, and what kinds of stories i want them to hear and see. i like to think that sharing good stories with my children is like handing them a huge bouquet of balloons. stories can fill us with wonder, take us on journeys, and instill in us a sense of identity and purpose. stories can help us see the world.

image from the red balloon, one of our favorite films.


  1. i just printed that article to read. have you ever seen the 2007 flight of the red balloon? i enjoyed it but never saw the 1956 one to compare it to..

  2. i loved that article, meg. i would love to chat with you about what your favorite movies, tv programs, cds and books are for your kids to enjoy.