White Walls

I grew up in a white-walled house. When friends came over, they always noticed how clean our house looked. This was due in large part to my tidy mother, but I also attribute it to the high white walls.
However, I thought our walls were boring. I vowed that I would live in all kinds of color when I had a home of my own. Well, that day is coming closer, & this last year I have discovered something shocking.
I like white walls.
I was looking through some pictures of homes or places I admire, & found that one common thread was the color of their walls (or lack of color thereof). The white or light walls make a great canvas for an electric array of art, textures, wood, & colors.

White wall in the kitchen=great backdrop for cookbooks & le creuset in colors that make me want to cook there, now.

The pristine walls & furniture make a lovely backdrop for flowers & other organic things--a welcome place to eat dinner.

comfortable, classic, clean.

Aalto's house and studio. I love the built in bookshelves and textures in this room.

The inspiring white walls of Moomah. These walls are begging to be filled with art and creativity, and white makes the perfect canvas to inspired thoughts young and old.
What colors are in your home, or what colors would you like in your home?

Images mostly via apartmenttherapy.com, and also moomah.

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