A new year always means resolutions for me. Some are old, some are new, but I always feel a renewed sense of energy when it comes to doing the most with the coming year.
This year is no different, especially since we already know some big changes are on the horizon.
I have been thinking today especially about what I want to do with my children, what kind of year I want to help create for them. While some of my resolutions are more about changing or forming habits, I have a few things I want to try, if only once.

Resolutions for 2010
1. Learn to use the new digital SLR we found under the tree this year
2. Make breakfast and lunch more special
3. Sew something for each red balloon
4. Cook something with saffron
5. Make two movies
6. Fill our home with lovely people, books, and things
7. Fill up the kids' journals
8. Do something creative every day (draw, photograph, write, cook/bake, sew, cut)
9. Use what we have
10. Read more--with the kids and on my own.
11. Do more handmade projects.
12. Organize and minimize the clutter in our lives.
13. Think ahead to plan projects--then do them (including, finishing the advent calendar, and making stockings.)

That's a good start for this week of the year.

images via designsponge and ohdeedoh.

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