Revisiting the Before

Remember that before picture from last week? Some of the contents have changed, but a week later I am facing the same messy obstacle on the desk. And this time, I want to beat it.
I think my desk is a sort of symbol of my inner inclination to pile, collect, and procrastinate. I feel like I have greatly improved keeping the rest of the house clean--it's not perfect, but it's better. The desk becomes the last place in the house where I can have a mess. Maybe I have subconsciously found some comfort in that.
Not anymore. I have to get used to the idea that I can have a mostly clean house most of the time--meaning that we could pick up everything in about 15 minutes tops. Oh yes, my friends, I do believe it is possible. Making it a reality is what my resolutions are all about.
There will be two phases to my cleanup. Phase one will be to clean and organize the area, and to figure out a system or routine for keeping it tidy. Phase two will be the fun part--making the space pretty. I should say prettier--I love the bones I have to work with. The white desk? The white chairs? The stunning iMac? The huge silver industrial lamp? I couldn't ask for a better blank canvas.

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