style: yes, please.

image from j crew.

i daydream of being effortlessly stylish, loving everything in my closet, and never again dreading that i have nothing to wear.
one can always dream, right?
in my dreams, i roll out of bed to a beautiful closet where all my clothes are hung on wooden hangers and my shoes are lined up neatly and i can put on anything and feel lovely.
there seem to be two ways i can work toward my dream. one: worry less about what i wear (that's fodder for another post). two: focus more on the basics. three: think more carefully about color.
i went through my clothes and did an inventory--i wrote down everything i have. then i made list of the things i feel i'm lacking. i tend to bargain, buying bits and pieces, sometimes missing the essentials to really put a look together. after seeing how much stuff i do have, it was refreshing to see how small my missing item list was. included on that list:
jeans or dark pants, preferably with a slimmer leg
a new summer skirt
some kind of blouse
a light gray cardigan
a couple more everyday shirts
something striped

this spring i'm excited to try something new, something feminine and daring--like berry lip stain or orange lipstick or a skirt--on a weekday. who knows, maybe doing something adventurous superficially will somehow transcend to the rest of my actions.

what's in the wardrobe of your daydreams? do you see yourself trying something bolder this year?


  1. i love this idea of taking an inventory, and, of course, of a dream closet. i've been thinking a lot about more daring style moves, but wish i had guidance of some sort. i have way too many cheap, stupid clothes and not enough stuff i actually love. maybe i'll try to remedy ...

  2. i admire your inventory..i should really do that and give my wardrobe a good cleaning. then i can know what i'm lacking in. and THEN we should go shopping together.

  3. I've actually had wardrobe on the brain a lot lately, too—perhaps because it's spring and I always feel the need to clean out and take stock this time of year. I think I'll make an inventory myself.

    (Also, along the lines of fashion: a few days after Claire was born last year, I saw an SNL spoof commercial for mom jeans: "Because I'm not a woman—I'm a MOM!" I started bawling. That's post-partum hormones for you.)

  4. Get out of my brain, Meg!

    I'm in the same boat, but I can't really do anything about fashion right now, due to my baby fat and what not. I've been thinking of doing the "inventory" and getting rid of the excess before I can sink back into my regular routine.

    I'm really wanting some sharp black or gray pants. And a rockin' blazer (which kinda sounds like an oxymoron). And some brooches. I keep wanting brooches. And I just bought myself too handkerchiefs on etsy. I just felt like I should have some hankies. I'm not really sure why.

    Wow. This was long.