it's astonishing.

i'm amazed. astonished. flabbergasted. blown away. overwhelmed. astounded. stupefied. by what? the internet.
there is just. so. much.
so many great things. so many good things. so many things i wish i had thought of. honestly, i'm having a hard time not being a bit cynical these days, because i'm so inspired but simultaneously baffled by my own lack of creativity these days.
oh, i know what this kind of admission arouses in the poor people who have to read it. i'm not feeling sorry for myself (that was yesterday), and i'm moving past obsessively reading blogs to find some clue for where these people come up with stuff. i know it's all a matter of perspective--and documentation. but i also know i'm not the only one who feels like i don't do "anything" (besides keep three kids alive and happy and try to make dinner and sometimes clean my house and make myself presentable and NOT eat chocolate, among other things).
so i need to do something already.
okay, i will, but first i want to do a bit of a brain scrub, to slough off all these dead thoughts i have swirling around in my head. because nothing cures dead brain cells like a list! (and you know you really need to do this if you type out brain cells as one word.)

*my recipe collection is now online here. the idea is to use the site as a place for my sisters-in-law and me to share recipes. everything is gluten-free. it still needs some editing, and more pictures, but mostly i'm really excited about it.
*speaking of food, i think about food all the time. it doesn't help that i currently have six jamie oliver cookbooks checked out from the library.
*i've been mildly obsessed with clothes lately. it wouldn't be too big a deal if i just had a small fortune to spend on clothes, but my clothes budget is only one of those things--small. much of my free time lately has gone to window-shopping, online window-shopping, slight coveting, actual shopping, and returning items i think i could find for cheaper or make in the hypothetical world where i sew. i'm ready for this rollicking process to be over already.
*wool felt. i just want to make stuff with it and maybe drape myself. just kidding, it wouldn't really drape well.
*coconut. and oats. and triple layer cakes i really want to make 37 days from now.
*stripes. i love them. i want to make my kids clothes from them. and wear them almost all the time.
*all things tiny. i will have to explain this more later.
*eating muesli for breakfast. or having a fruit smoothie. i looove strawberry yogurt honey smoothies. i will have them in my heaven.

and now, in picture form, thought not complete:
that may not be a complete list, but i feel better. now to see how my freshly-scrubbed brain works. i hope my will now glow.


  1. I love your list. Stripes are totally on my list right now too. I just ordered a striped cardi I'm hoping will be awesome. We'll see.

  2. I like it when you scrub out your brain.

  3. Love the post. You've got it said just right, no mean feat.

    Internet - Hectic is :-)

  4. there are those high waists you were talking about. i love them too..

    and striped of course...my fave shirt is striped and from h&m.