It's not about finding, it's about making

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I'm trying to make a shift in my life where I feel more comfortable and satisfied with what I have, make more of my time, and make more period. It's a process, of course, and I don't know that I will ever fully feel I've done it, but advice like the following help me keep my true goals in perspective.

"In terms of 'writing time'—it's not a matter of finding it. It's a matter of making it.

Ask yourself:

Can I get up a half hour earlier each day?
Can I give up an hour of TV?
Can I write on my lunch break?
Can I write in the cracks of my day—ten minutes while waiting for a prescription . . . fifteen minutes while the supper soup simmers . . . twenty minutes while the baby is napping?

Forget waiting until life settles down. Life never settles down.

If you really want to write . . . feel called to write . . . somehow, some way you will do it." —Eileen Spinelli
I love how this applies to writing, but I also want to think more about my time in general--especially how I spend time with my children. They are growing up everyday--these moments are so fleeting. I take great comfort in capturing tiny pieces of them now with words--in journals, on our family blog, and in little movies.
I need to listen to my kids bounce balls off the front door now.


  1. Excellent quote. I'm trying to stop dreaming of big swaths of time, too. And write (and do other lovely things) in the "cracks of the day." It works! (I think.)

  2. i love it. thanks for sharing.