I am trying to keep visuals like this in mind as we get through this chaos of packing and cleaning. I'm trying to use my extra-nesting+spring-cleaning energy to help me stay motivated to get rid of stuff. It has been very freeing, and every bit helps me get closer to this vision, to living in a space like the one above. Sometimes it feels out of reach, but I am learning that life can be even better than I ever imagine, and that I shouldn't worry away the good times while they're here. Instead I want to make more good things happen in our home physically and emotionally and spiritually.
Have you caught the spring-cleaning bug? What spaces are you trying to clean out?

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  1. no spring cleaning bug yet, but i sure did some major purging of things at the end of last summer. then, wouldn't you know, i've had purger's remorse, as time after time this year, i've had need for something pitched. :(