Collection: Wheels.

Since my childhood I have had various collections. The most prominent example I can think of, besides rocks and pretty paper, is my collection of pill boxes. This is also one collection I have not pared down or decluttered away. The little boxes come from all over: a family cruise to Mexico, a high school trip to Disneyland, a friend's trip to Italy (she brought me back two!) and the origins, little European boxes from my mom and grandma. I have nowhere to display them, for now, so they sit in a box. Hopefully they won't be hidden for much longer.
Tonight I was looking through some pictures I took in college. It seems timely after relating to inchmark's "Collections of Nothing" (security envelopes, fruit stickers, and playing card backs are among her collections) and seeing these stunning collections from artist Lisa Congdon, to find these pictures I took of wheels. It's hard to call four a collection, but what is a collection if it's not being added to, right? So stayed tuned.

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  1. collections are fun. i think my first collection was a postcard collection. my brothers and sisters sent me postcards on their world travels and i have saved a stack to this day. nowadays, i keep my eyes open for vintage postcards (not the cute remakes, although i have bought some of them as well, but the real deal). i found holiday postcards in spring city at an antique fair, then some fruits of california postcards at farmer's market in l.a., all circa 1910. i love a good collection, especially your wheels. i do however, love a good pillbox :)

    one more thought-so, how many constitutes a collection? i received shot glasses from the german nightmare last fall, then a darling student of mine from peru gave me shot glasses from machu picchu for Christmas. am i now a shot glass collector?!