the palette project

i saw sofia coppola's marie antoinette a couple years ago and was really struck by it. i was especially interested when i heard coppola talk about the colors for the film. she worked closely with the art director and cinematographer on a color palette that they kept consistently through the film's design and filming. coppola collected pictures and small objects that stayed within the candy-colored palette she envisioned for the film, and greatly minimized the blacks and browns on screen. i had a greater appreciation as i watched the film a second time, and felt that their use of color was a powerful part of that film.
i am a list maker and collector, so to me, the thought of collecting objects or pictures based on color makes sense. it also sounds really fun and inspiring. i have been further inspired to start my own palette project after reading this article (which also provided the love images in today's post) from martha stewart living. the article talks about a few different ways to find color inspiration--and how to find your own color palette for anything, from your wardrobe to a room to a brunch menu or bouquet.

i have started to pay more attention to colors i love, and have started to collect them. i have a file folder and folder on my computer dedicated purely to color. i'm excited to see how paying more attention to the colors i love--and hopefully finding some trends--might affect the design of our home and my life as a whole. for instance, is it a coincidence that both of the images on today's post feature some variation of a primary color palette? right now i find i am very drawn to dark yellow, light blue, and red or dark pink (sometimes light pink, too). gray is still one of my favorites, too, especially paired with more lively colors like yellow or shades of pink.
how do you find colors you love? do you consciously try to create color palettes for projects, your wardrobe, or your home, or does color just happen? what is your favorite color or color combination this spring?

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  1. i find that i'm drawn to earthy tones--olive green, rust, browns, mustard yellow...all paired with some other color that pops like bright red or super light blue or that peacock turquoise that's so hot right now.