Basic Six.

Sunrise at La Push, November 2011.

In the last year or so many of the habits that have helped my life run smoothly have either evaporated or been wiped out by various activities and events. In an attempt to get back on track with some of these simple things that make my life easier/better, I decided to identify the basic tasks/areas I need to work on every day. The idea is that if I accomplish at least these basic things, the other things will fall into place. It's more about focus and centering than necessarily the tasks themselves.

+ Daily Scripture study/spiritual time.

+ Do something to make our home warm and welcoming.

+ Do something for B/our relationship.

+ Plan ahead.

+ Write in journals, focusing on details of kids at this stage and the good things that happen to us.

+ Do something to care for myself.

These are the activities that center me, give me focus, and help me keep a good perspective of my life.

What are your Basic Six, or five, or whatever? What things do you like to do each day? What helps you feel centered and focused and grateful?

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  1. these are so great. i feel like i have to re-visit my center every other week or i feel like i'm already off track...