We had travel plans and craziness the weekend of New Year's, so I've given myself extra time on setting resolutions. Even though I'm late this year, I love resolutions. I love the feeling I get every new year--like it really is something new and blank that I can shape and make what I want it to be.
Here are some of my creative resolutions for 2012.

1. Work on my penmanship. It seems lackluster lately. I want to like my handwriting again. Something I admire about my mom is her beautiful cursive. My cursive? All but gone. I would also like to take another stab at calligraphy.

2. Learn about things I've wanted to learn more about but haven't yet learned more about. I know a bit, but I would love to be able to drive around neighborhoods and know when they were built based on their architecture.

3. Bake more. I love baking. I need to do the things I love more often. Especially when they're delicious things.

4. Make 12 little films. I'm pretty rusty. This one will be fun.

5. Make things with the children. We have a lot of random supplies. This year I want to use them.

6. Read great books. A great book makes me write better.

7. Be more artistic. Draw more. Craft. Paint. Sew. Make something Fantastic out of paper.

8. Be the grownup I want to be. Err on the side of generosity. Leave something better than I find it. Give more. Relax and enjoy things more. Be funny and spontaneous.

9. Take more photographs. I've lost a bit of traction, but hope to regain motivation on this project. I also want to take more/better pictures of the children.

10. Experiment more. In any way. Once a week would be ideal. I've been inspired by this blog.

11. Make my home the home I dream about. That's a nice way of saying declutter, cook dinner, do family scripture study and prayer, and make more pillows. I always want more pillows.

12. Cultivate my collections. Gather. Edit. Photograph. Draw. Get inspired by them.

I also like this list of creative resolutions from Anthology magazine blog. Do you have any creative resolutions this year?

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  1. did you bake that minty citrus cake? because it looks delicious. and beautiful.

    i feel the same as you..that the new year is fresh and exciting, just waiting for new things to be discovered. i haven't sat down to think about my goals for the year. i've just jumped feet first into the year and haven't stopped running.

    just some ideas that have popped into my head:

    1. i've seen a blog post about taking a photo a week of the life of motherhood. she's calling it 'simple things' and i think it sounds like a lovely idea. i might jump on that bandwagon.

    2. i want to see more of seattle. try out the neighborhood tours with the kids or just with paul.

    those two things are for sure. the rest i am still trying to nail down.

    good luck with your 2012. it sounds like it will be lovely and productive and extremely creative.