mr. krueger's christmas.

one of my favorite holiday traditions is watching mr. krueger's christmas with the kids. the film is such a classic and it always makes me cry. i've been trying to figure out exactly why i cry every time.
*james stewart gives a beautiful, sincere performance as a man who is overlooked, but never feels sorry for himself.
*trivia: when the mormon tabernacle choir starts clapping and eventually gives mr. krueger a standing ovation. this was unscripted and the true reaction of the choir to james stewart. in turn the expressions on stewart's face were also genuine, and bring so much depth to the character.
*stewart's prayer at the manger of the savior is so tender. apparently he told the director beforehand that he would do it on the first take.
*i am overwhelmingly inspired when talented people come together and collaborate. in this case, james stewart, a masterful actor, and the mormon tabernacle choir with their beautiful music. i just have this belief that when you put together a group of super-talent, you will produce some form of greatness.
here is mr. krueger's christmas on youtube. you can also buy the dvd here.


  1. lovelovelove mr. krueger and his christmas. it's one of my favorites, too. thanks for reminding me.

  2. my kids watch this all year long, not just at Christmastime. so much so, that it's kind of gotten old for me. but, your little tidbits of information i never knew have given me a new desire to re-watch it to notice those few things. thanks!