collections: ideas.

i am my mother's daughter, and really, my grandma's granddaughter for that matter. i have a blue file labeled "writer's prompts." for the past several years i've used it to collect ideas--articles about writing, interesting stories and anything that i find interesting. i am in the process of scaling down the file and going more digital, especially since i have found many of these articles or stories online. i will be sharing some of them on here, too.
we realized when we moved to this house, we decided to make the third bedroom a nursery/studio space. i also decided that i wanted to hang a bulletin board to use as an inspiration board. for months it has helped me stay on track with the color scheme i want for flora's side of the room. plus the pictures make me happy.

when we were visiting my family this summer, b pointed out that my mom has a similar bulletin board hanging over her desk in the kitchen. i knew this when i put up mine, and once again, chalked it up to being my mother's daughter.
how do you collect ideas and things that inspire you?

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