Lists: Food

I am a serial list maker. I collect and hoard them. I like to check things off too. I made these lists a couple months ago--how have I done so far?

dishes + desserts i want to make this year

1. gluten-free strawberry napoleons
2. semifreddo (HONEY SEMIFREDDO. Ice cream you can easily make without an ice cream maker.)
3. frozen yogurt pops (VANILLA FROZEN YOGURT. Heavenly. I need to make this again, without the vanilla.)
4. taquitos (Joy of Cooking. Another winner.)
5. tamales
6. chicken mole (Cooking Light--chocolate and chicken? Everyone was happy. Really.)
7. thai basil curry
8. saffron rice
9. gluten-free granola
10. gluten-free cakes like bob's red mill

ingredients i want to try this year
1. currants/currant jelly (TRIED IT--it's supposed to be delicious in fruit tarts, which I haven't tried yet)
2. parmigiano reggiano (TRYING IT--everything feels fancier when I grate a little over the top)
3. vanilla bean
4. black japonica rice
5. creme fraiche
6. goat cheese (again)
7. figs (again) (I was going to pass, but I gave in and bought a box. They were a treat on their own, though I do recommend figs with sweetened ricotta as well)
8. prosciutto (I ended up with Serrano, and we would eat it in something again)
9. maseca

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